An Interactive Experience 

Interactive Installation     |     Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Arduino      |     15 Weeks




Bridge the gap between different people’s understandings of music through Rock & Roll. How do we present the complexity and interconnectedness of music through the ages in a compelling and immersive experience?



Guide users through a personalized journey to discover influences of artists and their music across the generations of Rock and Roll.


Working with a team of five visual designers, three developers, and one industrial designer, I took part in concepting, producing and leading an interactive exhibit to be displayed at the Imagine RIT fair, where over a thousand people would be in attendance. The experience was created with the goal of expanding visitors' understanding of music through the power of rock and roll.

By utlizing both audio and visual elements to portray the scope of artists’ influences, users are immersed fully into a compelling environment.


01 | Pre-Entrance Curation

At the first "station", user takes a brief quiz to input information pertaining to their general taste in order to generate personalized results.

The Android tablet has an NFC chip with which you can share and receive information. 

User picks up totem and begins journey through exhibit.

Each totem will hold a unique RFID, allowing each station to identify the user’s results.

03 | A physical timeline of influences

Each station represents a specific musical era in time and reflects the artists who make up that time and culture.

Once user’s totem is synced, interface is displayed with options of artists in that era who have influenced their assigned artist.

Rovi pulls the data for chosen artist and finds their web of influences. Echo Nest provides options for favouriting artists  and sets up the playlist for the user’s takeaway.

05 | Visual Immersion

As viewers make their way through the experience, they continue to be fully immersed in between structures with gesture based barriers.

The content is directly correlated to whichever structures it stands by, and acts as a visual continuation of their data.

Cameras will track the user’s motion, which will be reflected in the screen’s content. Large scale screen that will allow a broad audience to view and experience content. This benefits both the first and second degrees of social interaction.

06 | Takeaway

Users are given a list of recommended  artists by the exhibit.

Once totem is re-synced, a playlist of favourited artists will be displayed. User is given the options to email or share to Spotify